Keys to Lifting

Lift with perfect form

Eliminate all ego and momentum from your lifts. Doesn’t matter if you are not moving up as fast as you want to, doesn’t matter if you are weakest in the gym. Always raise and lower weight slowly, never use momentum to lift. 5 seconds up, 2 second hold at top/bottom, then 5 seconds down. Always hold weight in between the raising and the lowering to eliminate momentum.

The key to lifting, the key to getting strong and ripped, is consistency. Day in, day out, you go to the gym. Through the good days and the bad days, you never miss a day. You lift religiously like you eat, drink, and breath.

The best program is the one that you stick to and never miss a day while doing.

1 set only to failure. 6-12 reps but if 12 is not failure then keep pushing and increase weight next lifting session.

Each muscle group once a week.

While lifting, be sure to flex every muscle in your body, especially the muscles concerned with the exercise.


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