Life Philosophy

Minimalism. All material possessions are is simply a source of stress and worries. The more things you own and stuff you have, the more things that you have to worry about. Crap, I just dented my car. Crap, I just broke this vase. Fuck, I lost my portable charger. Shit, I forgot to pay the cable bill. Learn to live with less and appreciate it. You will be a lot happier and stress a lot less.

No debt. No mortgage. No loans. Nothing of the sort.



2 meals a day, no snacking.

Eat until you are no longer hungry, not until you are full like a pig.

Cold showers

Sleep at 9 PM and wake up at 5 AM

No smoking, whether it’s shisha, e-cigarettes, regular cigarettes, cigars, or weed

No alcohol/liquor

No porn or masturbation

No sex before marriage. Practice abstinence. Sex isn’t the goal, if you have sex it should be with the goal of having kids.

Exercise everyday, whether through lifting, running, walking, or swimming.

Stretch everyday and do a flexibility/mobility routine.

Single Tasking. Avoiding multitasking and doing only one activity at a time. Only eating, not anything else. Being focused only on what you are doing.


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