Learning Languages: Lessons Learned

Here I will write all the tricks and important things I’ve learned in trying to learn languages that you won’t get taught in school

  • Learn all the filler words and conjunctions (coordinating and subordinating) and memorize them by heart. There are many reasons for this. First, when you start using them you’ll start to sound like a native speaker, it makes your speech sound more natural rather than robotic. Speakers also use them a lot more than you think and using them will give you great insight into the semantics of what they are saying. They are also pretty darn helpful in connecting various parts of your speech and allowing you to convey meaning that you couldn’t convey before.
  • Focus on all learning and memorizing the most common verbs by heart. These are the verbs used most often in speech. Also learn and memorize the irregular verbs, as these also tend to be the ones that are used most often. One reason for this is that in the evolution of language, the most common (irregular) verbs come from a previous language, and thus their conjugations do not conform to the new conjugation system of the language, but rather to an older one.
  • This gets extended to all words in general too, learn the most common adjectives, adverbs, nouns, etc… As time goes on you’ll expand your vocabulary.
  • Make sure to learn the imperative mood (commands) and learn it well. This is used often in speech a lot more than you think.
  • Learn words like however, as well as, moreover, although, more or less, about, and such adverbs
  • Learn periphrasis and periphrastic constructions (perifrasis verbales). These are verb combinations that native speakers use often to express concepts (fall in love for ex. you are not actually falling. Giving a presentation, you are not physically giving anything, you are presenting).

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