The Greatest Force: Sexual Transmutation

Sexual transmutation. This is the key to it all.

Our sexuality, our sexual energy, is the strongest and most potent force that exists in a human being. It’s the reason we live and create and propagate more and more. But as the old saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility, and the power to abuse this sexuality is indeed great. Very great, in fact, that all the world’s major spiritualities and religions have attempted to curb it and limit it in some shape or form; for they recognized the true extent of the potency of this force. In fact, some cultures worshipped it. The worship of the phallus (penis) was very prevalent in the past. Fertility gods and goddesses worship? That was all about worship of the uterus, where life is conceived. It is thus evident that as customary to humans to be attracted by power, the ancients recognized how great it was sexual power and they worshipped it in fact.

I, you, we, everyone that has ever existed, exists, and will exist wants to fuck the shit out of their brains. we are all obsessed with sex. You think the ancients were some sex-idol-worshipping ignorant bunch who didn’t know any better? Funny, because you are not any better. Look around you. Those muscular and brawny men in advertisements, that scantily dressed 20-something year old model on Sports Illustrated. Look at the clothes we wear: very tight leggings, short dresses, booty shorts, and the list goes on, all to arouse others fundamentally. There is no escaping it (I won’t even begin to talk about porn), for as long we have existed and for as long as we will exist, sexual energy will be the primary force guiding us. We cannot and should not fight or repress it, equally we cannot let it control us and rule over us either.

Look at what happens when a society cannot restrain its sexuality: it degenerates, its members running wild fucking and birthing like animals with no thought and perpetuates the cycle even more unrestrictedly until the society totally collapses or is conquered by others (think of the Romans, Islamic Empire, the West today…).

We must acknowledge this sexuality as part of us, for it’s force that begot us and that which perpetuates us. There is no running away from it. The good news is that harnessing this force can perhaps be one of the most powerful tools you can harness in your life, wielding and utilizing its power can truly allow you to accomplish truly great deeds and create ingenious creations. To do this, you need to develop your willpower. Practically you need to practice abstinence from sex, porn, and masturbation. You will be highly energized with all that pent up sexuality. You are earning for a release, to go release your sexuality on something. Be abstinent for a week. Feel that sensation in you, the urge, the want. Don’t suppress it. Embrace it. Now take all this energy and direct it to something to something productive. Instead of wasting and expending it on physical sex, use it to create and accomplish something. The key though is to not let this sexual urge take over you and waste it by masturbating or watching porn. Focus your mind on creating something.

Two challenges with high pay off for the daredevils:

First one: when you want to really stimulate yourself and get the juices flowing for creativity and energy, start fantasizing and think about sex. Think about that beautiful, sexy, girl you want to fuck the brains out of. Think about the deed, then focus your mind on the task at hand of creating that business plan or whatever it is you wanted to accomplish. Easier said than done but you need to focus on forcefully redirecting the attention of your mind.

Second one: This one is for the hardcore motherfuckers out there. Don’t masturbate or watch porn, but keep having sex. Now here is the key, I said keep having sex, but I never said anything about ejaculating/cumming. That’s right, fuck until you are about to climax then pull out, turn away. You will be in such a highly charged and energetic state for the rest of the day that you will literally have one of the most productive days in your life.

Practicing this abstinence and redirecting your sexual energy will have many benefits in your life. First that redirected energy will allow you to create and accomplish so much with all that energy and creativity in you. Second, the self-discipline and control gained through this, through saying no to sex, is the most powerful of all, for when you’ve successfully said no to your greatest urge, there is no longer anything that can control you in your life.

So close that laptop and get out there, it only gets better from here.


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