Eating Tips: A Guide To Healthier Living

  • Don’t drink cold water
  • Drink 2 glasses of water 15-30 mins before each meal
  • Drink 2 glasses in the morning when you first wake up
  • Drink 2 glasses before you go to sleep
  • Chew slowly and chew until food is liquified
  • Drink your food and chew your drink
  • Don’t drink anything with your food, it interferes with the digestion process. Also don’t drink until a few hours after eating.
  • Don’t eat until you are stuffed and cannot move, eat until you are no longer hungry
  • Eat small bites and don’t take another bite till you’re done chewing the previous on
  • Eat foods that are in season
  • Eat foods indigenous to where you live
  • Chew with your mouth closed
  • Be mindful when you eat. Don’t do other activities and concentrate on eating. Focus on the food and the chewing
  • Before you eat, give thanks and be grateful for the food in front of you

Combining Foods 

  • Don’t combine protein and starches
  • Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach, not as dessert
    • Starches + Veggies = OK
    • Proteins + Veggies = OK
    • Proteins + Starches = No No
    • Plant Proteins + Plant Proteins = OK
    • Animal Proteins + Animal Proteins = No No
    • Starches + Starches = OK
    • Fats + Proteins (animal or plant) = No No (or pair moderately)
    • Fats + Carbohydrates = OK
    • Fats + Starches = OK
    • Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach
    • Fruit + Raw greens = OK (except melons)
  • Check out chart on this link
  • Wait 2 hours after eating starch before eating protein. Wait 3 hours after eating protein before eating starch
  • Here is a list of Proteins —————— Here is a list of Starchesmeat—————————————————–potatoespoultry————————————————– corn

    fish—————————————————— rice

    eggs—————————————————– wheat

    cheese————————————————— beans

    yogurt————————————————— oats

    nuts —————————————————– taro

    seeds —————————————————- pumpkin

    dried peas ———————————————–coconut

    dairy —————————————————– parsnips

  • sourced from

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