When’s the Best Time to Start Working Towards Your Goals?

10 years ago.

You should have started working towards them 10 years ago. That’s the best to start working towards all those goals. The next best time is now. No not 6 months from now, not next week, not tomorrow. Now.

Time is going to pass and you are going to grow older whether you like it or not. Now ask yourself, a year from now, do you want the future you to look back and be angry at the present you for not starting? What the fuck are you waiting for? You want to be an entrepreneur so bad, why don’t you start a business right now? You want to be rich and not have work for others, why don’t you start working towards that goal now? What are you waiting on? If you want to get fit, start going to the gym now, don’t wait. Don’t do other bullshit to waste your time that will take away from your goal. Don’t go eat McDonald’s if you want a body.



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