If God is both omnipotent and omniprescient, that means he is all powerful and all knowing, i.e. he is capable of anything and he has knowledge of everything, including the future. However, if God, knows the future, then that means he knows what he will do. That means he does not have free will as he knows exactly what he will and is not so “all-powerful”. If he changes his mind, however, and does something else, then he didn’t really know the future in the first place. Thus it’s an exclusive choice between free will and omniprescience.

This gets extended to human free will essentially. Do we have free will? Maybe. If God is omnipotent and is all-knowing, then we don’t really have free will. He knows exactly what we will do and everything is predetermined. If, however, we do have free will and we change our minds, then God was wrong and he didn’t know the future; that’s not very omnipotent now is it?

Science isn’t this solution-to-all human endeavor either. All science is is pattern recognition, observations, and models. We don’t really know anything, all we know is that when A happens, B follows. Now this does not mean that A causes B, just that we observed many times over that when A happens B follows, so we say that A causes B, but we can never truly know if A causes B. likewise also realize that people from ages before thought they had it all figured out. We knew that we descended from Adam and Eve, we knew that God caused rain and all the natural events. We knew the Earth was flat. Now, our understanding changed, and there is no doubt it will change again. What makes you think that this time you are the one (your generation) who truly has all the answers? Rubbish, understanding changes and knowledge expands. Appreciate the fact that you don’t know.

Don’t think you are so important. You are but a speck of dust that exists for less than an eye blink in the grand scheme of things. The universe billions of years ancient, and will live on for billions more. There are so many wondrous things in it and there is so much going on. Why do you think you are so important? Why would anybody, let alone God, care about what happens to you? You are about as interesting as a rock or a pebble. No, even less. Across time, these rocks and pebbles transform and become mountains and travel across space; you, on the other hand, disintegrated and disappeared as soon you formed. Your time is brief and everybody will forget about you. Anybody that even knew you or heard of you will likewise be forgotten as well. Your existence will not even be a memory. one hundred years after you die, it will be as if you never existed. Rather than depressing you, this should in fact enlighten you. Do not be so worried about your daily life or some bullshit occurrence that happens, for truly it’s meaningless.


One thought on “Doubts

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